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Desert Soldier "Desertman"

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28.12.2022 18:10

Sir! Yes Sir!

I am a desert soldier. You can call me "Desertman" for short.
I am from Taftanistan. 16 years ago, when our country was under attack, I was 7 years old. One day, when I came back from school, I came across the lifeless bodies of my family at home, suddenly someone came behind me and put a bag on my head and took me to a prisoner camp. I formed a gang there and escaped from there, but I was the only person who came out of that camp alive. I swore that day I would avenge my friends and family. I did not leave the blood of my loved ones on the ground. I am now a soldier in the army and work for General Asakan. I participated in 3 wars, respectively:
Taftanistan's Freedom War: 4 years 8 months 2 days
Battle of Piraq: 5 months 29 days
Battle of Isurite: 1 year 17 days
It lasted and I learned a lot in the wars I fought, such as sacrifice. We lost a lot of people, especially in the Taftanistan freedom war, we lost about 8000000. In fact, I will never forget that one of our comrades jumped on the bomb so that we wouldn't die while we were wounded and lost his life.
My features:
I camouflage well in the desert
I'm good at machine guns
I can change the magazine in 4.5 seconds
I can use a helicopter
If you want to enlist me in your army, you have to pay for it at the link below!
Go to pay for it!

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