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Marine Commando "Ocean Lord"

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28.12.2022 18:10

Sir! Yes Sir!

Hello, I am a Marine Commando. You can call me "Ocean Lord" for short. I was born on the island of Hatuwarra and fished until I was 21. I was very happy fishing until that day when my life changed. One day I saw a boat starting to sink in the open sea and I immediately went to help. The boat seemed empty, then suddenly I heard a sound and saw a wounded soldier in front of me. He had difficulty telling that a shark had attacked them and that he and his friends were injured. I also pulled out a few wounded commandos from the sea with difficulty. I took them on my boat, bandaged their wounds and shared my food. However, at that time, my boat was shaken by a blow and water started to enter. The shark attacking the soldiers must have smelled the blood coming from my boat, so it attacked again. So I took the wounded soldiers upstairs, took my harpoon, and injured the shark and smuggled it away. My boat was beginning to sink due to the heavy blows, so I ran the engines at full throttle and drove ashore. But we were sinking too fast, so I told them to get on the lifeboat to get the wounded soldiers ashore. The lifeboat was for three people, at first they objected, but in the end I convinced them and sent them. I was sinking fast now, I thought my end was coming… Until I woke up in the hospital. When I woke up, I asked the nurse what had happened, and she said that a few soldiers had brought me here. On the day I was discharged after being treated for a while, there was a mysterious private vehicle waiting for me at the door of the hospital. They invited me in with their stern eyes. They said I had a message from General Asakan and gave me a black envelope. I opened the letter on my way home. General Asakan was inviting me to join his army because of the sacrifice and courage I showed to save the wounded soldiers. Since then, I have been a Marine Commando in General Asakan's army, sworn to bravery. characteristics: I can swim as well as an aquatic creature, My lungs are as strong as a whale, I know a lot about fish and the ocean, I can use anything that moves in the water. If you want to enlist me in your army, you have to pay for it at the link below!
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