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Desert Soldier "Desert Eagle"

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28.12.2022 18:09

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Hello, I am a desert soldier. You can call me "Desert Eagle" for short. I am from Taftanistan. 16 years ago our country was under attack and I was only 8 years old. My family was taken prisoner in the war and I lost track of them. I was alone in the streets. Life together in the famine brought by the war was very difficult for me. But despite the war, I had friends who lived with their families and went to school. I was lying alone on the streets and eating from the garbage. That day, which was the turning point of my life, I was playing in the ruins with my friend, who was on his way home from school. We suddenly realized that it was too late and my friend went home. Immediately after, a scream resembling the sound of sirens went up. I ran to my friend's house. I was shocked by what I saw at that moment, there was blood everywhere. My friend's entire family was murdered. My friend was not there. At that moment, I thought I would never see him again. I spent that night alone and silently, with fear among the ruins. When I woke up the next morning, the whole place was echoing with gunshots. Masked men were raiding the houses, putting people in cars without saying children, women or old people and quickly taking them somewhere. On the other hand, soldiers were coming with trucks and the clashes continued uninterrupted. As the number of soldiers increased, the masked men began to panic and flee, but the soldiers were shooting them all one by one. There were also wounded and shot soldiers. A wounded soldier suddenly fell in front of me. He gave me the gun in his hand and told me to run without looking back. I took the gun and started running like a hunted prey. One of the masked men must have noticed me because he stepped in front of me from the alley. The wounded soldier, who had just told me to run, told me to use the gun if needed. I shot the masked man and kept running. About three hours later, I reached a military headquarters. I saw the soldiers at the checkpoint and I fainted at that moment. When I woke up, a boy was staring at me, and suddenly he went inside and called his father. His father was a soldier, he came and asked what had happened to me. And I told you everything. The man said that not everyone could do what I did, and that I showed great courage. As the man left the room, he put a gun by my bedside, it was the gun the wounded soldier had given me. And he left the room saying the gun was mine now. That's where my nickname comes from, from the name of that gun. I learned a lot from the commando units by staying with them until the war was over. When the war ended, I was drafted into the army. I became a desert soldier on my childhood friend Desertman's team and fighting for General Asakan. My features: I can use a gun faster than my shadow, I can run faster than a cheetah, I am as resistant to hunger and thirst as a dead man, With my eyes as sharp as an eagle, I can aim from miles away. If you want to enlist me in your army, you have to pay for it at the link below!
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Blogger Of Course ASAKAN

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